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Aqualyx® Fat Dissolving in Camberley

AQUALYX®, developed for the non-surgical reduction of localised fat under the skin is a fat-dissolving treatment. It is an injectable, gel aqueous solution which dissolves the fat and is biocompatible and biodegradable. Fat-dissolving injections work by injecting into the subcutaneous layer of fat, breaking down the fat cells allowing them to pass through the lymphatic system.

Most Common Treatment Areas

Fat Dissolving (1 Area): £300.00
January Offer - £100.00
Fat Dissolving (2 Areas): £450.00
January Offer - £180.00
Fat Dissolving (3 Areas): £600.00
January Offer - £260.00

Why Choose Aqualyx Fat Dissolving?

Non-Surgical Treatment
Safe, Quick & Effective
Permanent (maintained) Results 

Treatments in Under 30mins
Target Specific Fatty Areas
Helps Release Stubborn Fatty Tissue

Over 18's only / Treatment is not suitable while pregnant or breastfeeding. Other medical factors may prohibit the treatment taking place, please contact if you are unsure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fat dissolving injections hurt?

Although everyone’s pain threshold is different, you may experience some discomfort or a mild burning sensation. Most people do not report that it is too uncomfortable.

Is Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Safe?

Fat-dissolving injections contain synthetic deoxycholic acid (which naturally occurs in the body) or liquid lecithin (derived from soya beans or egg yolks) The most likely side effect is light bruising and swelling.

How many Aqualyx fat dissolving treatments will I need?

Sessions are not a ‘one size fits all’. Typically, under chin is 1 session and tummy area is 2-3. This is just a guide as each persons fat cells are unique and may require more/less than others. Most see a noticeable difference just after 1 session.

What does the fat dissolving procedure involve?

We will carry out a consultation before the procedure. Each session involves several injections depending on the individual. AQUALYX is injected directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue of a selected area.

Are there any side effects to Aqualyx fat dissolving injections?

Side effects that may occur are red, tight, and itchy skin. Swelling may also occur but can be limited with the practitioner's advice.

Who is Aqualyx fat dissolving injections not suitable for?

Those under the age of 18

Active infection near the site of the injection

Known allergy to Aqualyx

Pregnant or breastfeeding cannot have Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

Those with abnormal bleeding (e.g. haemophilia, thrombocytopenia)

Are the results permanent?

The results of an AQUALYX fat dissolving treatment are permanent under the condition of maintaining a constant weight measurement (i.e. assuming you do not gain weight). Once the freed fatty acids have been processed through the body’s lymphatic system, they don’t reappear.

However, the procedure is only permanent if you follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently following treatment. If you regain weight, it is likely that the fat pockets will reappear. If a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the results should be permanent.

What fat dissolving areas can I have done?

Any area or pocket of fat below the chin and above the knee.

How effective is fat dissolving injections?

Fat Dissolving is an injection of aqualyx into the fatty areas which dissolves the fat cells losing inches from your frame. It is very effective.

Will fat dissolving injections cause bruising?

It is not uncommon to bruise in area's that are large like the stomach, however under the chin it is very rare.

Is Aqualyx fat dissolving injections suitable for men?

Yes, it is very common for men to have fat dissolving

Will fat dissolving injections cause swelling?

Swelling is common after the treatment. The practitioner will provide you with after care to limit/reduce the recovery time and swelling.

Can I have fat dissolving injections if I'm pregnant?

No, unfortunately you cannot have Fat Dissolving if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Can I have fat dissolving injections if I'm under 18?

Unfortunately we can not accept any clients under the age of 18. We will ask for ID if required

Is fat dissolving injections no surgical?

Yes, the treatment does not require any invasive cutting or stitches. The treatment consists of a series of small injections in the targeted area.

Can I go to work after having fat dissolving treatment?

Yes, Fat Dissolving will not stop your ability from working.

Fat dissolving treatments are an investment. Whilst lower priced services/treatments are available, we caution against visiting inexperienced and unqualified technicians.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem not suitable for this procedure

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